XN Specialists

Stephanie Araújo


Working with XN for a decade, our finance controller allows us to relax in our creative endevours while she takes over the more rigorous tasks. A business manager and previously a financial consultant she is also the mother of two. Her passion and dedication when it comes to her work and for the Excel software is unmatched.

Rosa Mello do Rego

Event Manager and Client Relations

In her soul, an archeologist, her diploma makes her a Classic Historian. Always searching for meaningful moments and people who make a difference. With over a decade working with contemporary art and producing events in improper locations throughout London now looks to do the same thing throughout Portugal. With an added dose of creativity and sense of humour, no project will ever be the same.

Inês Pais


Her eternal love for Lisbon was declared many years ago. An art historian with an insatiable curiosity to open doors and unveil secrets. To tell a story with all its details is her mission and vocation, making her the best person to guide you through the city.

Rita Almeida Freitas


Our art specialist is an academic and a collector that travels the World to satisfy her curiosity and knowledge of artistic treasures and to understand the market that runs it all. Whether it is a lecture, a tour of galleries and museums or you want help in filling a lapse in your collection – Rita is the right person to guide you.

Margarida Cruz

Urban Art

Our Urban Art Specialist is a trained architect that has been referred to as being very passionate about her art outside the confines of a white cube. A pleasure to learn from and to see in action. Her dialogues with the artists are in themselves, artistic as are her tours.

Ricardo Lopes


A passion for music in all its forms is something many claim to have but only a few can actually state to feel with certainty. Ricardo is one of those rare birds and  whose interests goes from Fado to Ragga stopping by Opera and Jazz. His knowledge and soulful links to music and musicians has led him to produce some of the most memorable intimate musical experiences around the country and we could not imagine anyone more knowledgeable to host you on your musical experience.

Maria do Carmo Stilwell


“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean” John Muir.
Our returning to the land facilitator is passionate for nature and movement with awareness. She is a certified Forest Therapy Guide and an Embodiment Practitioner. She firmly believes in conscious slowing down and nature connection as a gateway to a more peaceful, healthy and meaningful life. Less is more and this is exactly what she will offer through her guiding.